Online Donations

Hello Sisters and Brothers,

Finally, we have online giving available to us! This is a true blessing since you no longer have to leave your home to bring in your offerings.  

Please welcome this privilege by submitting your offerings or by making a gift today. 


Click the button above and if that doesn't work please click on this link to get started and follow the instructions below: 

To donate go to: 


Here are the instructions:

1) Once clicking on the button above or the link, click on which tile you would like to donate to.

2) After clicking the blue button "Donate Today" follow the next steps that are shown.

3) You will need to put in your name, the amount you want to give, and the start date.

4) If you choose "Once, now" in the frequent box you will not have to fill out the start date box.

5) Click on the Purple Bar "Add to Basket". You will then click a second bar "Proceed to payment". 

6) On the next screen fill out your payment information.

7) Once completed press purple bar on the right portion of the screen "Continue to review".

8) Once submitted, you will receive an e-mail confirming your donation.

Thank you for donating and we know our God will bless you in abundance!