Elon Sage Sylvester

Audio/Visual Technician

Elon Sage Sylvester

My name is Elon S. Sylvester. Most people call me Sage.  I am the Audio/Visual Technician at The Westbury UMC.  I am fifteen Years old, and I have been involved in audio/Visual ministry since I was seven.  I aspire to be the best Audio/Visual Tech that I can be.  My Career as a tech started when my father, who pastored the new-start church which we attended, asked me to run the Power-point slides on Sundays.  He told me that this was my ministry.  At first, I was really proud and enthusiastic to do it, but later I thought that it was too demanding, and I could not get to do fun stuff with my friends during the service.  At times I did not want to do it anymore, but when I saw how much my dad and the church depended on me to be there, I decided to continue, and to do the best I can.   

Over the years I have learned a lot.  I was exposed to all the professional teams that has installed sophisticated equipment in the various churches that my father has since pastored.  From these professionals I learned the details of how to wire the various systems for effectiveness; How to tweak and adjust the equipment for optimal performance; and how to run multiple devices simultaneously to deliver the precise images and sound to the audiences to which we were ministering. Whether it was a wedding, a funeral, concerts, parties, or Sunday worship services, I was able to deliver a great audio/visual experience to God’s people. 

Recent demands for virtual worship and the broadcasting of worship services on multiple internet platforms have challenged and stretched my learning experience in the industry.  In short order I was called upon to assist with getting our church broadcast-ready for virtual services, and to deliver our Sunday worship, and weekly bible studies to multiple online platforms such as Facebook live, Zoom, You Tube, etc.  While I am still exploring the vastness of these Technological disciplines, we were able to get our church up and running, and to resolve all the issues that challenged us in this effort. 

I have experienced much joyful success in this area of ministry and for the foreseeable future I wish to continually provide my services to my congregation, and to any other congregation that I can assist.  I intend to continue to use my gifts in ministry to our churches’ needs, but while I am yet uncertain as to whether I will further my studies at college in the field of audio/visual engineering, I am asking the Lord’s peace and guidance in making my decisions when the time is right.  Please pray for me to stay in God’ will and purpose as I continue my most important job which is “Growing up.” 

Thank you and be blessed!!!!!!  

  December 2022  
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